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Breakpoint Releases on Nintendo Switch and Steam Today

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and Studio Aesthesia released Breakpoint today for Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game is rated ESRB E/PEGI 3 and is available for $4.99USD. There is also a launch week discount of 20% off available for a limited time.

Breakpoint will take you back to an era of games that rarely exist anymore. It’s not a shooter, it’s a slasher. Unlike other twin stick games, there are zero ranged attacks in Breakpoint. You have to control the battlefield with a variety of attacks using radical neon weapons. Slice, smash, and crush your way through waves of enemies to defeat the swarm. Pay attention to your weapons health bars because once they break, they explode. Every explosion can be a major tactical advantage. Move and groove your way through each weapon skill tree building up to powerful AOE attacks. Truly level the playing field to reach new levels of digital carnage. Be amazed at the upgradable lethality of your weapons – each new evolution brings changes to your strategy. Trying to claim that number one spot on the leaderboard? Instantly watch the replay for any run with the push of a button. Become the ultimate champion and claim the high score by knowing every strategy, every weapon, and every explosion.

“With Breakpoint, we wanted to make a game that feels intensely satisfying to play. We love games with great moment-to-moment gameplay; we’re unabashedly influenced by titles with great game-feel like Nuclear Throne from Vlambeer, and we’re highly influenced by games like Geometry Wars or Devil Daggers, where the player can turn a tense predicament into a huge comeback with knowledge and skill. We really enjoy those moments, and we think players will too.” – Ed Lu from Studio Aesthesia

If you’re a big fan of the neon vaporwave aesthetic, take Breakpoint to a new level with the iCUE RGB integration from Corsair. All Corsair RGB products will feature custom animations and illumination with Breakpoint. Fire up the iCUE software and watch as your keyboard, mouse, and headset react to the game.

U̶n̵i̴q̷u̸e̴ ̵F̴e̶a̷t̸u̸r̸e̷s̶:̷

  • Classic retro gameplay with intense melee combat.
  • Break your weapons to clear the battlefield with massive explosions.
  • Global leaderboards, chase the highest score, and compete with your friends.
  • Watch replays instantly from the leaderboard to get the edge over other players.
  • Corsair iCUE integration to synchronize RGB light effects.
Breakpoint | Releasing September 24th 2020!

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