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Step onto the Court: Tennis World Tour 2 is Now Available

NACON and Big Ant Studios are pleased to announce the release of Tennis World Tour 2. The new tennis simulation is available from today on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC, and will be released on October 15th for Nintendo SwitchTM.

Tennis World Tour 2 – Launch Trailer

Tennis World Tour 2 invites fans to play a realistic tennis game that faithfully transcribes the specific aspects of the sport and its competitive nature. Many of the game’s aspects have been completely redesigned, and having more animations has increased the game’s fluidity and realism.
Tennis World Tour 2 lets you play as 38 top tennis players so you can make your mark on the best-known courts, such as the Estadio Manolo Santana of the Mutua Madrid Open, the OWL ARENA from the Halle Open, and the Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen and Simonne-Mathieu courts from Roland-Garros. The game also includes a Career Mode that lets you create your own player, with a card system for temporarily influencing player statistics so you can get the upper hand when you play important points.
Finally, there is an online mode so players can challenge each other in singles or doubles. For the more competitive players out there, a match ranking system has been introduced, so players can be part of leagues and take on other players at the same level.
T̸e̸n̷n̵i̴s̸ ̴W̵o̵r̷l̵d̸ ̵T̷o̶u̵r̸ ̴2̴ ̴w̴i̸l̴l̶ ̴o̶f̴f̶e̴r̵ ̷t̶h̸e̷ ̸m̸o̶s̵t̸ ̵c̷o̷m̵p̷r̸e̴h̷e̴n̵s̸i̵v̵e̵ ̸t̸e̴n̸n̷i̸s̶ ̵e̵x̴p̸e̵r̷i̴e̷n̶c̵e̶:̵

  • Highly anticipated new features: the ability to play doubles matches with up to 4 players locally and online, a competitive mode, an improved serve system and a new shot timing mechanic.
  • More realistic: more animations create smoother gameplay.
  • Multiple game modes: Career, Quick Match, Online, Tournament, Ranked Match and Tie Break Tens – there’s a format to suit every player.
  • Several official courts: The Estadio Manolo Santana of the Mutua Madrid Open, the OWL ARENA of Halle or the 3 courts of Roland-Garros: Philippe-Chatrier, Suzanne-Lenglen and Simonne-Mathieu.

Tennis World Tour 2 will be available on the 24th of September on PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC, and the 15th of October on Nintendo SwitchTM.

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