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Everafter Falls

A new farming/life sim RPG has been announced for Steam and the Nintendo Switch.
It combines gameplay from Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing with dungeon crawling.
With split-screen couch co-op support, you can now farm and craft your way with another through a story focussed unique adventure.
Currently under development, release is planned for 2021/2022.
Visit the website for more information.
A̷v̸a̶i̶l̷a̷b̶l̴e̸ ̸f̷o̸r̷ ̴w̷i̷s̶h̴i̴l̷i̸s̴t̴i̸n̸g̶ ̷o̴n̶ ̷S̷t̸e̷a̵m̶:̶

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