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Extra Coin, the New Adventure Game by The Wardrobe Creators, Will Be Released in 2021. It Will Be Available on PC and Consoles

After the acclaimed success of The Wardrobe, the graphic adventure released on PC in February 2017 and distributed on consoles in 2018, CINIC Games announces Extra Coin, an adventure game set in a virtual social network called “The Arcade.”

2066, city of Hangzhou – Mika Wattson, left alone in the world after the death of her grandfather, decides to register at The Arcade, the hated social network that ripped her parents away from her. After having joined the Extra Coin program, they both permanently connected to the virtual world, abandoning their earthly existences. Mika unwittingly discovers that the medallion given to her by her grandfather before his death has the power to reveal the identity of users in The Arcade, violating one of the three rules of the social network but bringing obscure secrets to light.

Extra Coin will allow players to not only to experience the events facing Mika inside the social network, but also to live and explore the dynamics of The Arcade by building your own character, with hundreds of possibilities for customization in appearance and features, and by forging different individual game styles. Every user inside the social network will have their followers, who will act like in-game currency (spendable only after having satisfied certain quirks and needs) and will inevitably affect your decisions.

“After The Wardrobe, we wanted to raise the bar of our ambitions. It wasn’t easy to work during the full COVID-19 emergency, but we’re really satisfied with the job done so far,” says Francesco Liotta, Director of CINIC Games. “We felt the need to offer players an adventure experience with multiple gaming choices. We’ve built a universe with a unique lore, through which we want to tell an extremely deep story which will not fail to make you reconsider the daily use of social networks. We really can’t wait to see people dive into the virtual world of The Arcade.”

During this past month, the story of Wade Wattson, the father of Mika, the protagonist of Extra Coin, has been told in an interactive way on the Discord server dedicated to the game. Interacting directly with Wade, users can get information on Extra Coin and on the dynamics inside The Arcade, as well as push Wade himself to make one choice instead of another, modeling the events that are part of the adventure’s prologue. These choices are, in turn, reflected in the announcement trailer for the game.

E̷x̴t̸r̴a̸ ̴C̷o̸i̷n̴ ̶w̷i̷l̸l̵ ̸b̸e̶ ̸a̷v̸a̵i̵l̶a̸b̴l̸e̶ ̴w̴i̶t̶h̶i̶n̴ ̵t̸h̵e̸ ̵f̶i̸r̵s̵t̸ ̸h̵a̷l̷f̵ ̸o̶f̴ ̴2̴0̷2̸1̵ ̵o̴n̵ ̵P̶C̸ ̵a̵n̵d̸ ̷c̶o̴n̸s̷o̵l̶e̷s̴.̷

Extra Coin – Announcement Trailer

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