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Cargo Company Announced, Gameplay Video Available

Ambiera is happy to announce their next upcoming game “Cargo Company”. The first screenshots and gameplay video is available, and there is also a Steam page already.

“Cargo Company” is a game where you run a company to transport passengers and cargo using trains, trucks, busses, and even rockets between planets.

F̴e̵a̷t̵u̶r̴e̸s̷ ̷o̵f̸ ̷t̴h̶e̴ ̶g̴a̶m̶e̸:̷

  • Build bridges, rail ways, streets, train stations and launch platforms.
  • Transport wares and passengers using trains, trucks, busses and even rockets.
  • Make money and grow your company.
  • Production chains include steel, wood, oil, goods, cars, tanks, and even rocket propellant.
  • Towns grow to large cities with the right incentives.
  • Help humanity grow and expand into space.
  • Transport goods between planets.
  • Run your transportation routes on multiple planets at the same time.
  • Switch between earth, mars, moon and others at any time.
  • Grow your transport company and become an interplanetary tycoon.

The game is already available to be pre-ordered on its website. Preorders support the development of the game and gamers can get access to the alpha version that way as well, once available.

Cargo Company – Announcement Trailer

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