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A Game Made by Love for Fries, Takorita Meets Fries Is Now Available on Steam

“Takorita Meets Fries” is a short and fun visual novel, developed by Roseverte and released on Steam on September 30, 2020. The game narrates the tale of the undersea princess “Takorita” and her fateful encounter with the french fries. The game is full of cute character animations and cheerful interactions.

S̸t̷o̶r̴y̵:̷ Princess Takorita, who lives under the sea, is bored with undersea food, and looks for a new dish that can spice up her life. Together with her guard, Mer, she goes up to the land, meets Dino and Ina, who are curious about her journey, and later, finds the french fries, her soul food. Will she continue her journey and eventually find her long lost grandfather as well?

The game is priced at 4.99 USD with a 10% launch discount.
Don’t forget to grab your fries before playing!

Takorita Meets Fries ? Official Coming Soon PV

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