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Actual Nerds Is Proud to Announce its Inaugural Title, The Tarnishing of Juxtia

Actual Nerds is proud to announce its inaugural title, The Tarnishing of Juxtia, a challenging action-platformer set in the ruins of two divine kingdoms, is coming to Steam in 2021! Adopt the role of the last creation of the Goddess Juxtia, and unlock your true potential while braving a dark world of corrupted Saints, ancient machines, and mysterious characters. Support us by wishlisting and following us on Steam, and stay tuned for future updates and more in the months to follow.

Wishlist Now on Steam:

G̶a̴m̷e̷p̷l̷a̶y̷ ̶S̸u̶m̸m̵a̴r̸y̴:̴

  • Souls-like combat featuring precise animation locking and a high skill ceiling. A core mechanic called the “energy rush” offers a unique twist on the stamina/posture systems seen in other souls-like games.
  • Vicious boss battles offer an immersive and unique experience with each encounter. Battle corrupted saints, drowned wyverns, and the Gods themselves in numerous multiphase boss fights.
  • Steal the abilities of bosses you defeat. Use these devastating attacks and combat utilities to alter your playstyle. Choose from a wide variety of weapons, armors, and spells as you level up to your full potential.
  • An authentic and immersive dark fantasy world filled with mystery and a troubled past. Explore the Twin Kingdoms from the flooded catacombs of the Drizzling Ossuary to the wind torn stairwells of the Dust Spire. Face deadly enemies, meet new allies, and discover hidden secrets as you journey to the pinnacle of Crescentpeak.

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