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Unspottable Is Coming Out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux on October 22nd 2020

Get ready to hide amongst robots, walk like AIs and punch like Humans!

Play locally with 2-4 players or use Steam remote play together to play online, with up to four players with only one copy of the game.

F̷i̴n̶a̷l̷l̵y̵ ̸g̵e̵t̴ ̸a̶c̴c̴e̶s̸s̵ ̵t̸o̷:̵
+ 12 different maps with specific gameplay and strategies.
+ Expert Mode.
+ Games from 1 to 99 points.
+ New Avatars.
+ New achievements, Stats and ways to mind game your friends!

Unspottable – Gameplay Trailer Extended

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