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Real-life Research Awaits You in Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One, the Prologue Out Now Free on Steam

Running a private detective agency is tough business. Sure, the word on the street said it was nothing but tailing cheating spouses, with the occasional corpo espionage gig on the side, but for freshly minted private eye Amira Darma, fate had something different in mind. The free prologue to the highly-anticipated mystery adventure Chinatown Detective Agency, Day One is available for free on Steam today. Check out the fully voiced launch trailer here:

Chinatown Detective Agency: Prologue Trailer – OUT NOW ON STEAM

You’ll guide new PI Amira Darma through her first days in the detective business, managing your new agency, using real-world research to crack cases, and taking on your first three clients, each with their own stories and secrets…unveiling a global conspiracy in the process.
Chinatown Detective Agency: Day One is the free prologue to the neon-drenched, cybernoir mystery adventure Chinatown Detective Agency, coming to PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch in 2021. From your base in the Lion City of Singapore, you’ll solve cases with real-world research, travel the globe in pursuit of clues and criminals while managing both your time and your team, without forgetting to grab a bite of the local delicacies at the nearest hawker’s market. G̵r̵a̶b̶ ̸C̷h̶i̴n̷a̷t̵o̴w̸n̴ ̶D̶e̴t̶e̶c̵t̴i̶v̸e̶ ̵A̶g̴e̵n̷c̷y̷:̸ ̵D̸a̷y̸ ̵O̶n̸e̴ ̶o̸n̵ ̷S̴t̶e̴a̸m̸ ̴n̵o̷w̴:̵

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