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Almost My Floor: Prologue Is Available on Steam for Free

A free prologue is now available on Steam for a new indie game Almost My Floor. It is a mix of point’n’click adventure, horror, and mystery which you can influence with your decisions. The vivid comic book art style will help you experience the creepy world around you, and maybe a little bit of humor too. The game introduces a story of Alex, a horror movie fan that will understand how it feels to get into one. He never thought that one wrong step may change all of the reality around him.


One day Alex routinely comes back from work and enters the elevator. Strange and terrifying things start to happen, making it hard to distinguish delusions from reality. He will meet monsters from the depth of unconsciousness, traverse the endless maze of floors, meet the inhabitants of the house and taste their fears and suffering. The victims of this world drown in their fears and worries. Each character has a backstory, and you are going to lead them to a befitting ending. Alex is driven by a single goal – to get out of this nightmare.

Game developed by Potata Company, a small indie game studio consisting of just two people from Russia. 

The full game release is planned in February 2021, but in the meantime, you can add it to your Steam Wishlist or try out the Prologue.

Almost my floor trailer (indie point&click horror)

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