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Electioneering on Steam’s Early Access on October 20, 2020

Cosmo’s Tuxedo announces the debut of Electioneering in Early Access on Steam from October 20, 2020. Electioneering is a 2020 US Election turn-based simulation. Engage shadowy agents and use campaign events to shape media coverage and change voters’ opinions to back your Candidate.

Let the war of (dis)information begin!

American democracy is at stake again in 2020. This time the race is between Trump and Biden. The campaign will captivate the whole world.  But not you. For you, it’s proving your electioneering skills. You have a responsibility to influence voters to back your Candidate.

Pierce the Fog of War to build your electoral strategy.Use your agents to poll voters, research news topics, spy on the opposing candidate’s campaign, and prepare your next steps

Dozen of events will challenge Candidates during the campaign, such as the Covid-19 outbreak or Trump’s impeachment. Turn them to your advantage and deliver twisted ads, if required,  and social media campaigns with a spin on the topics of your choice to voters. It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? So you might as well promote yours to voters to get them to support your Candidate.

Every game is different in Electioneering. Instead of a bland algorithm, the simulation is based on  virtual unique voters – up to 51,000 – to convince that your Candidate is the best to become the next President Of The United States.

“Electioneering is a response to all the mounting evidence that the people voting in the elections in the United States are having trouble getting the facts.”
-Jordan Smilovic, CEO of studio Cosmo’s Tuxedo

K̶e̸y̴ ̶F̷e̵a̸t̶u̸r̵e̴s̷

  • Choose your Candidate and get him elected.
  • Influence 51,000 virtual unique voters.
  • Fog of War, neither you nor the Candidates ever see the true electoral map.
  • Adapt your campaign to a dozen events such as Covid-19, Impeachment of Trump…
  • Engage Dark Web Agents such as the Social Engineer, the Researcher, and the Hacker.
  • Hack the Candidates and steal their plans.
  • Research and choose the topics to spin in the media.
  • Lie to the voters with ads.
  • Hand-drawn Characters.

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