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Memories of Fireflies Will Light Your Fears on October 15th

Memories of Fireflies, a puzzle-platformer with psychological elements set in a Dark Fantasy atmosphere finally gets its release date. The newest game from Smart Studio’s creative minds will hit virtual stores on October 15th, at the price of USD 4.99.

Em Memories of Fireflies tells the story of a tormented child by the traumas of her past in which the protagonist needs to face her deepest fears while overcoming challenges, enemies, puzzles to witness her memories become clearer as she sees her memories become clearer as she understands everything that happened. The player will go through six different stages presented in a charming 3D-Voxel aesthetic full of enemies to be defeated and puzzles to be solved.

Memories is a symbol of the consolidation of Smart Studios, born of the Smarttech technology school, as a reference both in professional training in the field of computing, as well as in the production and expansion of the brazilian indie game development market. The game is being produced by GamePlan, which was also responsible for launching Ever Forward, from Pathea Games (the creators of My Time in Portia), in Latin America.

Nowadays, it’s possible to have a brief experience of what Memories of Fireflies can offer by playing the demo version already available on Steam. The game will also be on Humble Bundle store and is aiming for a release on Nuuvem and Epic Store.

Memories of Fireflies | Official Trailer

B̴r̴i̴n̴g̴ ̸L̵i̶g̴h̵t̸ ̷t̵o̴ ̴y̵o̴u̶r̷ ̴M̸e̴m̶o̵r̸i̵e̸s̴

The World is a Puzzle: Each place hides secrets, each enemy and symbol has a meaning. Overcome the puzzles and challenges of each world by understanding what they really mean and delve deeper into the fears and traumas of the past.

Deep Scars: Explore the world of Memories of Fireflies by advancing through the layers of the Child’s subconscious, visiting cunning, puzzling and threatening stages with platform challenges, fearsome enemies and puzzles hiding the true secrets behind this journey.

Uncertain story: There is not only one point of view. When everything seems confused, it is up to you to choose your version. Discover clues around the world that complement and contradict each other and create a picture of what really happened in your own understanding. 

Little Pieces of the Whole: Memories of Fireflies explores the Voxel aesthetic in a unique way, adding volume to pixels and composing scary and charming scenarios from small details that fit, move and combine themselves.

A Threatening World: The Child’s memories take her to the most diverse places while reconstructing steps of her journey. Quiet Cathedrals full of mysteries take the place of Towns of gloomy streets. Each place always shows more than meets the eye.

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