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Forge for Victory as Hammerting Prepares to Launch into Early Access Later This Month

Team17 and Warpzone Studios have today announced that dwarven mining colony simulator, Hammerting, will launch into Steam Early Access on 27th October. Offering a unique blend of mechanics that allows players to manage their very own colony of dwarves, including crafting, base building, and exploration, players will need to strategically assign tasks to their clan of colourful dwarves as they work to assist in the Overworld’s fight against evil. A demo is currently available, giving players an hour’s access to the mines underneath the perilous Mountains of Mara.
Take a break from the mines and check out the new trailer:

Hammerting Release Date Trailer!

H̴a̸m̵m̸e̴r̴t̸i̶n̸g̴ ̶K̸e̵y̷ ̷F̸e̷a̶t̸u̴r̸e̴s̶:̵

  • Control the destiny of the dwarves: As the colony grows, active management of the dwarves, including the friendships they make and their morale, will be key to helping the war effort.
  • Design and create the ultimate base: Bore and upgrade a variety of rooms, from forges and sculpting studios to taverns and auxiliary functions, to help the colony craft the ultimate base.
  • Help with the war effort: Build and upgrade a variety of items through a deep levelling system.
  • Discover valuable materials to quarry: Venture into the bowels of the mountainside & face increasingly perilous situations.
  • Prepare to defend the mine: Different dwarves for different combat situations; harness weapons from swords to two-handed hammers to overcome goblin invaders.

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