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Soccer Adventures Steam Release

The 3rd person action adventure game Soccer Adventures will be released on Steam October 20, 2020. Soccer Adventures is the first indie game developed and published by dotparc Gaming Studios, Austria.
Soccer Adventures is a single player 3rd person action adventure game and tells the story of Robin, a 12 year old boy who loves to play soccer. Unfortunately there is no soccer team in the town where he lives so he spends most of his free time practicing and playing in the backyard.

Most boys in his town play in the local American football team and you can imagine that they do not really understand why Robin prefers a sport like soccer over football.

One reason for the success of the football team is their female coach. And she has a big secret. On the one side she trains the boys in the team very hard to prepare them for their matches. You could say it is even quite unfair how they play. On the other side the boys from the football team have to help her with robberies in the neighbourhood.

One day Robin secretly watched them breaking into their neighbours house. Although he told everything to his parents nobody really believed him.

Therefore Robin decides to do something about it on his own. So the adventure begins.
“The idea for Soccer Adventures came while watching my kids playing soccer with their friends.  Give them a soccer ball and they have fun for hours. We tried to bring this feeling to an action adventure game.” said Michael Welz, CEO of dotparc.
M̷o̸r̴e̸ ̸g̵a̴m̵e̸ ̵i̴n̴f̵o̴r̴m̸a̸t̶i̸o̶n̷ ̶i̴n̴ ̶t̵h̵e̷ ̶S̶t̵e̷a̵m̶ ̴S̷t̸o̸r̷e̶

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