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Eternal Return – Early Access Release on Steam

Independent studio Nimble Neuron is releasing on Steam Early Access its most awaited game, Eternal Return: Black Survival. The Battle Royale/MOBA/Survival style game will be ready to download and play on Steam from October 14th 2am PST.

The game that brings back characters from the universe of Black Survival (2D) will be officially released with 15 characters, including the newly added character Chiara, the Fallen.

Other additional features to the game include: a completely new lobby, Spectate mode for Custom games, more dynamic team modes, and a few extra surprises.

The game will be available Free-to-play with in-app purchases and a Starter pack DLC. Additionally, it is releasing its first soundtrack with the K-pop like song, Eternal World.

Eternal Return – Beta Test Trailer

About the game:

  • Eternal Return attempts to mix Battle Royale and MOBA to bring suspense and strategy together on each 18-player match.
  • Matches will feature a combination of item searching, crafting, hunting, fishing, and, of course, PvP action.
  • You choose one character out of the several currently available from the Lumia Island universe and become a test subject fighting for your survival using the unique techniques and abilities your character possesses.
  • There are additional elements that bolster the strategy in this game, such as a special boss-like monster that will drop very rare items, surveillance cameras to help you spy on enemies, traps to take down the unsuspecting, cross-map teleportation devices, and more.

Check more information on the game at its Steam page.

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