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Hauma, the Fully Voiced Detective Noir Interactive Graphic Novel Comes to PC in 2021

SenAm Games today unveiled their debut game, Hauma, set to release on PC in 2021. The cinematic, noir interactive graphic novel tells the tale of former boxing champion and detective, Judith, who finds her purpose following the bloody trail of a cold murder case. With a fully voice acted cast of characters, and a twisted, fantastical yarn, the Munich-based studio are excited to share the first look at Hauma:

Hauma | Announcement Trailer

A tale that spans thousands of years, gorgeous comic stylings, a worldwide conspiracy, and Judith…your sleuthing, not-to-be-messed-with protagonist. Hauma is brimming with unexpected history and player agency, while retaining the exploration, vast dialogue choices, and puzzle-solving detective gameplay of your favourite adventure games.

Key Features:

❖ Immerse yourself within the narrative as you engage with the depths of society from Judith’s perspective.

❖ Investigation mechanics, letting you piece together clues/evidence to progress.

❖ Explore beautiful locations inspired by historical and mythological folklore.

❖ A fully voiced, cinematic adventure featuring a charismatic cast of characters.

SenAm Games’ Hauma is coming to PC in 2021. Wishlist today on Steam:

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