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Dream Is Now on Steam and Switch. Solve Puzzles in a Mysterious and Treacherous Hospital

Dream is a puzzle game developed by Rising Win Tech. The plot takes place in an old hospital that has strange environments, unfamiliar people, weird spaces that shouldn’t exist. Can you find the secret hidden within it?

You wake up and find yourself locked up in the morgue of a strange hospital. You’ve finally escaped, and all of the people you meet are strangers. You can’t figure out how you got there, and you don’t know why you’re there. Not only are you stuck, but strange events occur one after the other — patients are getting killed, strange figures appear, some rooms shouldn’t exist, children are missing. What happened to this hospital?

Dream is a mysterious and dramatic puzzle game where the players play the protagonist that has woken up in an unfamiliar hospital. Throughout the exploration to discover how everything started, there are many unexplainable and weird occurrences. 

Players need to use their intelligence to solve puzzles and devices and discover the secrets hidden in the hospital. If you are a person who loves a mystery and the supernatural, this is a game you can’t miss out on.

Come and check out the link for Dream:

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