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From the Depths: After Seven Years Work, Leaves Steam Early Access

“From the Depths” a one-man labour of love that quickly evolved and became one of the most complex, popular builder games on Steam is leaving Early Access on 6th November 2020. Nick Smart founded Brilliant Skies Ltd in 2013 and had worked on the game even prior to that. A successful candidate of the steam greenlight system, the game quickly went from strength to strength with some prominent youtubers such as Robbaz and Lathtrix noticing the game. Seven years on, the company now employs and contracts over 12 people and is a true Scottish gaming success story. As a Defence engineer, Nick took a wealth of unique knowledge and applied it to produce a game where you create vehicles from voxel blocks, create multiblock systems such as missile and cannon systems, design AI’s and pit your creations against each other in a designer or campaign setting. The complexity and depth of the various systems has created a cult following of over 330,000 players as players love the freedom to create boats, planes, submarines, spaceships, airships… and anything they can think of really!

From the Depths release trailer

Community was a huge part in creating the title, with many community members helping to create the vehicles for the various factions present in the game which now total nine, each with their own theme, lore and music. The Steam workshop today features over 200,000 creations that people have shared. Many of the modding community that created interesting add-on systems were employed or contracted to work for the development team and now most of the studio is composed of people who had played the game themselves.

Nick really wanted to try and encourage other people to love engineering as much as he does. Through creating the title, he has enjoyed seeing players of all ages enjoying thinking really deeply about what they are making. Nick comments, “It’s a very refreshing thing to see; Players thinking hard about their engineering choices on their vehicles, spending days, weeks or even months on a creation, trying to make it exactly how they want.”

On launch many things that have been beta tested but unreleased to the stable branch will be available to players. Over 90+ music tracks, the talked about but never seen separator block (create vehicles from vehicles!) Custom jet intakes, exhaust connectors and generators, huge missiles, new Neter campaign map, sensor blocks, camouflage texturing, co-op adventure mode, battle royale mode and anything else that makes it in before release!

It’s time to create the things you’ve always wanted to, it’s time for you to play From the Depths!

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