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Shanghai Office Simulator – To Be Released on October 27th

Logoi games, in cooperation with Gamefans Studio, have just announced their newest title, Shanghai Office Simulator, which has been set to release on October 27th, 2020.

Shanghai Office Simulator is a hilarious satirical adventure that serves as a window into the fast-paced and competitive environment of a (kind of) real office in Shanghai: a place where opulence and prestige attract the greatest talent from all over the world to compete and battle their way to the top of a cut-throat corporate ladder.

You begin as a rookie, looking for clues on how to survive the wild paper jungle of your office: you’ll face treacherous middle managers, venomous co-workers, and more, all on your own, personal journey to the top. Will you become king of the jungle, or stay just another paper pusher?

The game follows a storyline where choices matter: make good decisions and get fat bonuses, make bad decisions and get fined, or worse: fired. Along the way, the player will also encounter psychological obstacles, well depicted in the form of “Mind Demons.” To fend off the Mind Demons, harness your mental and physical abilities into the form of power cards in a fun and intuitive card battle system. Surpass your co-workers and upgrade your skills to find more cards and create the perfect deck!

Inspired by a variety of titles including Slay The Spire, Griftlands and Chinese Parents, Shanghai Office Simulator promises a challenging card battle system, a great simulation experience, and a great deal of laughter.

The game has been in development for almost 2 years and it is finally time to let all the hard work be put to the test. After launching on PC on October 27th, Gamefans studio will consider porting to mobile or consoles based on player reactions.

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