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In a City of Sin Bouncer Story Offers Temptations, Success, Failures and Swimming With the Fishes on PC & macOS

Indie game developer Helmi Games is proud to announce early November as the official release date for Bouncer Story, a retro-inspired film-noir featuring a protagonist working as a bouncer to pay off a gambling debt to the underground mafia controlling the city. Previously released to critical acclaim on iOS® and Android™, a PC and macOS demo is now available ahead of the game’s upcoming release. 

Bouncer Story – Steam trailer

Bouncer Story is a fun and challenging management game with RPG elements in which you work as a bouncer at a local watering hole in a city controlled by the mob. Your debt to the underground world is not getting smaller, and you need to balance your income and spending to pay back what you owe before swimming with the fishes for missing a payment. Start from the ground up and control who can enter the bar. By making wise decisions you can boost the mood inside the bar, triggering bigger gratuity as a bonus. Listen, learn and observe; in a city of sin, everything and everyone has a price, and you must improve your skills, work at different bars, and familiarize yourself with the citizens of the city.

Bouncer Story challenges you to balance your cash between upgrades, rent, and paying back your loan. You can take your chances at the blackjack table if you feel lucky but save some dough for a rainy day. Remain calm as serious crimes start happening around you, tensing the atmosphere around town, choosing your style of play and partake in, and exploring, a host of exciting side-quests and story-paths. 

Bouncer Story features a 90s inspired retro-look and is a tribute to the golden era of gaming. With more than 6 hours of gameplay, 13 unique endings, and different story modes to explore, the game offers plenty of challenge to wannabe thugs looking to strike it rich.  


  • Cool 90s inspired retro-look.
  • A unique style of play.
  • Different bars to control.
  • Story-paths with surprising twists.
  • Side-quests to explore.
  • 6+ hours of gameplay.
  • 13 possible game-endings.
  • Available in English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. 

Bouncer Story is available via STEAM™ from here:

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