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Visual Bagel Announces the Release of its Free Anime Visual Novel How Stories Die on Steam on November 5, 2020

Visual Bagel announces that How Stories Die will be available for free on steam starting on November 5, 2020. How Stories Die is a fantasy anime-style visual novel immersed in a world full of mysteries, violence, demons, and… jokes, in which you must choose a heroine wisely to save the world from the threat of the demon king and worse.

How Stories Die Trailer

Time travel, assassins and one magical gangster rabbit! The demon king threatens your kingdom and it’s up to you, the prince, to find a suitable hero to fight it.

Play as Horace, Prince of Alteria, and uncover the heroine who is destined to defeat the demon king and save your father’s kingdom. Choose either the cheerful mage Nozomi, the gladiator Riko, and her big ego, or the insecure intellectual Hakura.

How Stories Die offers a classical anime-style artwork including a lot of beautiful CGs. Discover a magical world full of endearing characters, demons, and even a gangster magician rabbit. Embellished with a beautiful OST, the game offers 9 alternative endings plus a real final one guaranteeing great replayability.

Each choice has its importance and each heroine has its secrets. Time travel, join a mysterious order of assassins, pass the trials of God, and discover what threat lies behind all the plots.

Key Features

  • 25-35 hours of FREE gameplay and narrative plot twists.
  • Cute anime-style art including 15 beautiful drawn CGs.
  • Explore 3 unique routes based on classic RPG roles: The mage, warrior, and rogue.
  • Dive into 3 unique atmospheres specially designed for each route.
  • Reveal an overarching mystery and uncover a new vision of the whole story.
  • Experience 9 different endings.
  • Unlock the final “True” ending by finishing the story with all heroes.
  • Enjoy a beautiful OST and its variations of themes.
  • Have fun with Nozomi’s terrible jokes.

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