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Electioneering Enters Steam’s Early Access

Cosmo’s Tuxedo is proud to announce that Electioneering is now available on Early Access on Steam.

Electioneering is a dark game of political strategy focused on the American elections of 2020.
 Engage shadowy agents and use campaign events to shape media coverage and change voters’ opinions to back your Candidate.

Some are watching. We are electioneering!

In Electioneering, your goal is to get voters to support your candidate. Use your Dark Web Agents to help you in your task. You are electioneering and it is time to win the 2020 US election.

Build an effective strategy turn by turn. Pierce the fog of war and collect important data on voter concerns and the tactics of the opposing side. Adapt to the vagaries of the news (impeachment, pandemic, social movement…) and choose how best to respond to them in the média.

Early Access is an opportunity for Cosmo’s Tuxedo to offer an advanced playable version of Electioneering and to continue its improvement while gathering feedback from its community. 

During this period, many features will be added and/or enhanced to Electioneering. In addition to player suggestions, Voters configuration (51,000 unique AI), addition of new dark web agents, additional music, and localization in several languages are planned. 

Key Features:

  • Choose your Candidate and get him elected.
  • Influence 51,000 virtual unique voters.
  • Fog of War, neither you nor the Candidates ever see the true electoral map.
  • Adapt your campaign to a dozen events such as Covid-19, Impeachment of Trump…
  • Engage Dark Web Agents such as the Social Engineer, the Researcher, and the Hacker.
  • Hack the Candidates and steal their plans.
  • Research and choose the topics to spin in the media.
  • Lie to the voters with ads.
  • Hand-drawn Characters.

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