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Good Mourning – the World’s First Run-based Walking Simulator Available on Steam’s Early Access on Friday

Good Mourning is a narrative experiment, where the content is chosen at random for each playthrough, and the gameplay builds upon itself. Good Mourning is the world’s first run-based walking simulator.

Released on Steam’s Early Access October 23rd, Good Mourning introduces a game, where the story is randomly created by combining the contents of dozens of levels for a single playthrough. During the EA phase, this content is expanded to produce a game where every playthrough is different from one another.

Good Mourning revolves around everyday life
The story elements of Good Mourning revolve around everyday life, where choices and consequences play an important role. The content is presented through a filter of fantasy, which is further emphasized by the minimalistic and surreal audiovisuals. The narrative introduces the ups and downs of ordinary life, but it doesn’t shy away from serious and uncomfortable themes. 

Following in the footsteps of award-winning Lydia, Good Mourning is a fast-paced narrative experience, which can be played over and over again, with different results.

Good Mourning Early Access Release Trailer

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