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Oniria Crimes Launch Delayed Until December 3rd

Although the release of Oniria Crimes was originally scheduled for October 28th, Badland Publishing wanted the player, regardless of the platform chosen, to enjoy the best experience imaginable: the new release date has been set for December 3rd.

To make the wait even more worthwhile, we are working on a surprise to broaden the dream experience of the cKolmos Games title.

Oniria Crimes is an investigative adventure in a dystopian world, with noir tints and voxel aesthetics that takes place in a dream world, which the human being has managed to access through the “De la Llave” method, full of characters with great personality and a very caustic sense of humor.

Oniria Crimes will be released on December 3rd for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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