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Block Wizard

Block Wizard is an arcade puzzle game with fast paced gameplay, funky music, and retro visuals emulating old arcade machines. The player takes control of the titular Block Wizard, as he traverses a labyrinth filled with unimaginable horrors.

The “Classic” experience offers 100 stages of incrementally difficult puzzles that serve to teach the player new mechanics and combine them to create its various puzzles.

After beating Classic mode, the player can experience “Chaos” mode which randomizes the sequence that the levels appear and limits the resources the player has to things they only find in that level.

Climb, run and climb again until you are the fastest Block Wizard there has ever been, and provide it with the in-game clock! How fast can you go?

  • 100 Levels.
  • Cool SFX.
  • Original Score.
  • Retro Visuals.
  • Snappy fast-paced gameplay.
  • Responsive Controls.
  • Steam Achievements.
Block Wizard – Trailer

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