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Zachtronics Reveal Turn-based Strategy Game: Möbius Front ’83

Zachtronics, makers of Opus Magnum, Eliza and Infinifactory, revealed today Möbius Front ‘83, a new turn-based wargame, coming out on November 5th on Steam for $19.99 USD. Set in an alternate universe of the Reagan era, you must defend America from “Americans” and find out what’s motivating their attack. On top of its unique take on tactics and warfare, Mobius Front ’83 also offers a new take on solitaire and open-ended puzzles sure to please long-time Zachtronics fans.

The single player campaign will take you between 15 hours to 40 hours to complete depending on how much you engage with the game’s side activities.

About Möbius Front ‘83

The year is 1983 and the United States of America must defend itself from an enemy it could have never imagined— an America from an alternate universe that will stop at nothing to seize control of the country’s heartland!

In Möbius Front ‘83 you will fight tactical, turn-based battles with the cutting-edge military hardware of the early 1980s. Use every tool available — powerful tanks, fast-moving attack helicopters, long-ranged artillery, tenacious infantry, and more — to control the complex and rapidly-changing battlefield of the era.

Who are the “Americans” attacking America, and why? Find out in the game’s extensive single-player campaign and its fully voiced cutscenes. When you’re ready for some R&R, play a new kind of solitaire, solve Zachtronics-style puzzles, and even read the U.S. military manuals that inspired the game.  

Möbius Front ’83, by Zachtronics

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