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Crimson Spires, A Vampiric Visual Novel, Releases Tuesday Oct 27

On Tuesday, Oct 27, an eerie tale of isolation, mystery, and romance releases as a visual novel on Steam and Itch. Developed in UE4, Crimson Spires blends the traditional visual novel style with a 3D environment reminiscent of 2000s-era horror games. A ring of deadly towers traps you in the small mining town of Bataille, Missouri with extreme conspiracy theorists, a serial killer, and wealthy vampires. Choose your partner wisely to unveil secrets and find love.

How can two teenagers go missing in a town with no escape? Search for the truth as Sheriff Erika Wright, a former FBI agent who got trapped in Bataille on the fatal day the towers rose.

Amidst the horrors facing Bataille, romance can blossom with the partner of your choice. Will you choose Liam: the adopted, cheerful misfit of the rich Bataille family? Maddy: a strong-willed woman eager to overthrow the oppressive authorities? Julian: the older Bataille brother who aims to rule the town with mysterious powers? Or August: a charming philosophy professor who might also be a serial killer? Each character branch reveals unique secrets about Bataille and a chance to find love.

Key features:

  • Unlock four distinct romances and story paths in an epic script totalling 250,000+ words.
  • Hear select scenes with a rich cast of English voice actors.
  • Embrace your nostalgia for early horror games with an eerie, retro 3D environment.
  • Explore select 3D interiors.
  • Listen to a lengthy, dynamic soundtrack by developer and composer Jenny Gibbons.

Crimson Spires will be the eighth visual novel by Woodsy Studio, a two-person development team based in St. Louis, Missouri. Woodsy Studio is dedicated to expanding the role of story in video games and exploring unique themes, diverse characters, and ideas rarely addressed in western gaming.

Crimson Spires – Otome Story Trailer 2020

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