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Humoristic Card Battler/Simulator Shanghai Office Simulator Takes a Stance Against Office Stress on Steam

Independent developer Gamefans Studio and their publishers Logoi Games, have announced today that their humoristic Card Battler/Simulator, Shanghai Office Simulator, is out now on PC via Steam for $12.99. The title, which has players experience all the intriguing dramas of the oversea office firsthand, will be discounted 10% during its debut week.
As a newcomer into a Shanghai office, players start their career as a plucky, young product developer with hopes of one day making it to the top of the corporate ladder. However, one soon discovers that office life might not be all it’s cracked up to be… There are endless hours of overtime, new deadlines to meet every day, and even conniving coworkers who might stab you in the back just to get a ten yuan per hour raise…
As the player meets these treacherous office ordeals, their stress levels will build up, and “mind demons” will appear! Mind demons represent the inner shadows which lie deep within our own unconscious: our doubts, our fears, our gluttonous desires… mind demons will exploit these feelings to try to sabotage your success.
Each player can decide how they will deal with these mind demons, as well as a plethora of other day-to-day decisions, and your career path is strongly dependent on the choices you make.
Discover the hilarious and wildly creative anime/manga styled world of Shanghai Office Simulator with today’s launch trailer below:

Shanghai Office Simulator – Now Available On Steam!

Shanghai Office Simulator Key Features
Shanghai Office Simulator is a story-driven game told in a visual novel style where actions have consequences, and the story develops accordingly. Choices the player makes will lead to making friends or enemies in the workplace, success or failure in projects, and various other branches that will lead to nuanced differences in every playthrough.
Card Battles
Play the “Self-Reflection” card to draw more cards, play the “Verbal Assault” card to inflict “burnout” on your enemies, use the “Efficient Summary” card to play your cards more quickly… Utilize these career survival cards to battle against your Mind Demons and reach greater heights. Obtain new cards by mastering skills taught by seniors, from leisure time self-study, or through personal insights.
As you grow your deck, you will be able to unlock special combos which can give you an advantage against harder enemies as your career progresses.
Manage your relationships with a broad variety of interesting personalities such as “Fangirl”, “Copycat”, “Prude”, “Goof-off Guy”, “Flirtatious Assistant”, “Mom”, “Dad”, etc.… And as your relationships improve, they help you gain an edge over the ever-returning Mind Demons.
And who knows, maybe you will even find someone to marry?
Just don’t try to marry your dad… that would be weird!
Shanghai Office Simulator offers an environment in anime/manga style with absurd and super creative hand drawn mind demons. The visual novel aspects of the game are vivid and detailed: many of the narrative scenes in the game are acted out by a series of drawings that really bring the story to life.
When there aren’t pressing matters to attend to, choose from a number of mini-games you’re your desk to get bonuses to your supplementary skills: from sleeping while the boss isn’t looking to covertly moving a fish across your desk for… some reason… mini-games help you obtain new cards for your battles, which give you an advantage in story encounters. Shanghai Office Simulator offers fun entertainment in all aspects of the game.
“Our team has paid careful attention to all the feedback we’ve received since we’ve launched the demo” says Nicole Wang, Director of Shanghai Office Simulator. “Originally we were not planning on launching the game in English, but after positive player feedback we were convinced that Shanghai Office Simulator would be a fun game no matter which nationality the player has.”
Localization into English is nearly complete with more than 90% of the text in game professionally translated, Gamefans Studio mentioned that the game will launch into early access and as soon as the localization has been optimized (among other things), the game will be released as a full game. And they have promised to add more endings, side stories, and the ability to play as a female protagonist as well.

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