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Jelly Brawl Launches on Steam October 27th

It’s finally time to make a mess with the full release of Jelly Brawl launching on Steam October 27th! The indie game blew up on Steam, surpassing 100,000 downloads on the demo, Jelly Brawl: Classic! But now it’s time to let players get the full experience!

In the full release, players will be able to dive into multiple modes including the Classic mode featured in the demo, as well as the brand new Race, Hit & Run, and Custom game modes. Each mode provides a brand new experience, from flopping your way through obstacle courses in Race, to evading the police as you collect coins in Hit & Run, to remixing the Classic game mode experience and utilizing the new custom stage editor in Custom.

Additionally, all modes now feature online capabilities, allowing you to party up with your friends. Not just locally, but with up to 4 players online! With tons of face, stages, and minigames to unlock, Jelly Brawl will have you duking it out for hours.

Jelly Brawl is now available on the Steam for $15 USD and will be available for 15% off at $12.75 during launch week (Sale ends November 2, 2020)
Pick up the game now to save, as well as to unlock an exclusive in-game pumpkin face for your jelly!

Jelly Brawl (Release Trailer)

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