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Private Pook Games Announces Drilly Willis Release Date of November 9th

Drill your enemies and shred face-melting guitar solos in Private Pook Games’s Drilly Willis, a brand new “Metroidvania Meets Regular Show” releasing on Steam November 9th for Windows and OS.
Solo developer, Mike Grosso, is making games a little wackier. “I grew up on twisted 80’s and 90’s animation, so when I animated a guitar player with a drill for a head, I realized it would make for a hilarious combat mechanic in step with the warped cartoons I’ve always loved.”
The drillhead and guitar are the player’s twin arsenal. The drillhead locks enemies in place, with player stats setting both damage and the speed at which the drillhead punishes foes. The guitar grants a different set of powers based on the player’s “guitar chops” and songs learned.
Together they form an expansive upgrade system, a host of collectible items to find and areas to explore, over 30 achievements (both in-game and built into the Steam interface) to earn, and a soundtrack of killer tunes written and performed by the developer.

Drilly Willis Gameplay Trailer


  • Drill your enemies with a one-of-a-kind drillhead weapon!
  • Jam songs on your guitar to grant special powers and abilities!
  • Explore an interconnected world of bizarre creatures!
  • Expansive upgrade system! Power up your drillhead, screw shooter, and guitar chops!
  • Seek out new weapons and items to unlock new locations!
  • Fight your way out of a bizarre world!
  • Interact with living musical instruments all with their own unique tales to tell!
  • Powerful soundtrack of original tunes written and performed by the developer!
  • A warped mixture of Metroid, Regular Show, and Bill & Ted!
  • Over 30 in-game achievements to earn!
  • A wacky cast of gender-neutral characters!

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