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Soccer Adventures Free Demo Release

Today dotparc Gaming Studios released a free demo of the action adventure game Soccer Adventures on Steam for PC. Soccer Adventures is the first indie game developed and published by dotparc Gaming Studios, Austria.

Put on your soccer dress, lace up your soccer shoes, and do not forget your shin guards. Join Robin on his big adventure against the thieving American football team.

The free demo contains the first 4 levels of the game. The full game offers 30 levels plus free updates and more levels for the first 12 month after release.

Soccer Adventures is a single player 3rd person action adventure game. Robin, the hero of the game, loves to play soccer. He is extremely talented and is improving his skills daily. Until one day he realizes that the local American football team has a big secret. Robin watched them as they broke into the neighbour’s house, led by their evil female coach. Although he told everything to his parents nobody really believed him. Therefore Robin decides to do something about it on his own. So the adventure begins.

Soccer Adventures Launch Trailer

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