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Fateful End: True Case Files Launching on PC and Mobile

Developer Genuine Studio and publisher Giiku Games announced the global launch of the visual novel “Fateful End: True Case Files” for PC and mobile for November 2020. Many puzzles and scary chapters await in this one-of-a-kind true crime adventure game.

Fateful End – Official Trailer

It all begins with the main character’s murder. Someone close to him has captured and buried him in a box underground. The murderer’s face remains hidden and the motive is unclear, but one thing is certain: escape is impossible.

The player enters the story as the protagonist several weeks earlier, intent on solving his own murder before it can take place.

A phone call from an old acquaintance from the black market business is only the first in a series of mysterious events that will eventually lead to the protagonist’s death – unless he can uncover the truth and confront his potential murderer in time, even if that means suspecting those closest to him.

His girlfriend’s company is going downhill, a self-serving con artist offers up a lucrative business opportunity, a long-lost love returns, a rough thug seems to have his own agenda, an IT specialist is running a dingy business on the side, and the most stand-up guy in the world might be hiding more secrets than he lets on.

Based on a true crime case in Hong Kong, this adventure game will keep players on the edge of their seats as they follow leads and unearth clues to uncover the mystery behind the fateful end that awaits them.

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