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The USB Stick Found in the Grass – Press Release

BPP is proud to announce software version of The USB Stick Found in the Grass will be published in early 2021.

The USB Stick Found in the Grass is more of a combination of a literary work and a forensic challenge than a game in the strict sense of the word. The player is given a virtual representation of a physical USB stick found at a scene of a possible crime. They assume the role of a police investigator trying to find out whether the object is related to the events that took place at the site, and what might have happened to its owner. The investigation can be carried out employing tools that can be used under Windows, starting with free, open source software, and ending with professional tools used by digital forensics experts. TUSFitG requires some deduction and computer skills, but it doesn’t call for expert-level knowledge, making it accessible to most computer-savvy players.

The original version was published in 2018 in Polish only and sold on real USB sticks. TUSFitG will be released on Steam as a bilanguage (English and Polish) version for Windows.

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