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The Song of the Fae Demo Hits Steam &

TwoPM Studios today announced that the demo of their Tactics Deckbuilder, The Song of The Fae, is free to play for everyone on Steam and This pre-alpha demo will allow players to explore the bizarre game of WizardChess and share their stories, strategies and feedback with the developers.
The Song of The Fae (SoTF) is set in the fantasy realm known as The Songlands ruled by a pantheon of mystical creatures known as The Fae. You play as a pathologically charming Bard, bending those around you to your will through charisma alone. Save the world the way only you can: by defeating the Fae Queen herself in a game of WizardChess… Which you’ve never played before.  Don’t worry though, it’s like regular chess but with magic and the stakes are life or death. I’m sure it’ll be fine.
“We’re striving to create a truly unique tactics game with SoTF. We’re bringing together the purity and depth of chess with the satisfaction of a deckbuilder, all blended together through the lens of an absurdly grand fantasy adventure. It’s a big idea but we think we’re on to something.”
— Ben Follington, TwoPM Studios
In this demo players will battle through a series of randomly generated WizardChess games. They may discover and recruit any of 5 unit types: Mercenaries, Lancers, Hounds, Rogues and Monks each with their own unique movement patterns and combat mechanics. Along the way they will make sacrifices, outsmart foes, have their plans fall apart, escape from labyrinths and face powerful bosses… And maybe even survive?
Explore the demo, follow development and wishlist the full game on Steam or

The Song of The Fae – The WizardChess Update!

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