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Unexplored 2 Beta Gets Underway This Week for Ludomotion’s Procedurally-generated Action-RPG Epic

The beta for roguelite RPG Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy will begin this Wednesday, 11 November, on the Epic Games Store, publisher Big Sugar is happy to confirm. Sign-ups are still being accepted for the two-week long event. Anyone wishing to participate can request a beta key here:

The beta will give PC players an opportunity to traverse and discover their own unique, and magical, Unexplored 2 worlds as they embark on a quest to deliver the mysterious Staff of Yendor to the First Valley and destroy it. While the main story arc is consistent for all players, every adventure is different. From environments and terrain to stories and characters, from items and puzzles to tasks and quests – thanks to developer Ludomotion’s revolutionary content generation technology, no two Wayfarer’s journeys will be the same.

The beta will provide the Ludomotion team with valuable player feedback that will be used to further balance and improve Unexplored 2 ahead of its 2021 launch.

Watch Unexplored 2 gameplay footage with commentary from Joris Dormans (game director) and Matthijs Dierckx (composer and audio designer): 

5 Minutes of Unexplored 2 Gameplay | gamescom 2020

About the game

One quest. Unlimited adventure. Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is a roguelite action-RPG and prodigious sequel to the critically acclaimed indie gem, Unexplored. Leave the Dungeon of Doom behind and venture into a vast, wondrous world as you embark on a heroic quest to destroy the mysterious Staff of Yendor.

Explore beautiful landscapes and discover hidden marvels. Encounter magical creatures and dangerous foes. Make brave choices and put your faith in good fortune. Featuring a unique legacy system, advanced procedural generation technology, and rich, generative storytelling, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is an adventure like no other.

Key features

  • Legacy system: the actions of past heroes impact the fortunes of those that follow in their footsteps. Use your legacy wisely to give successive adventurers greater hopes of completing their quest.
  • Permadeath in a persistent world: when a hero dies, they stay dead. But you can choose to return to the same world with a new adventurer, forearmed with knowledge of what lies ahead. Or, if you prefer, begin a new adventure in a completely uncharted world.
  • Generative storytelling: there is no premeditated script in Unexplored 2. Every adventurer’s ultimate goal may be the same – to destroy the Staff of Yendor – but every hero will have their own unique story of the events and encounters that happened along the way.
  • Procedural generation: Ludomotion’s proprietary technology generates content that feels designed by humans, not algorithms, and can create a near infinite number of new lands, new places, new stories, and new challenges to discover.
  • Orchestral adaptive soundtrack: an intricate system allows Unexplored 2‘s music to be arranged reactively, making subtle changes to the score at appropriate times, whether a moment of high emotion, or to provide foreshadowing.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy will launch 2021 on Epic Games Store and Xbox, launching simultaneously on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. 

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