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The Mystic – in an Early Access Due to COVID-19

Pipedream, a small Prague indie studio, is releasing previously unannounced The Mystic 4x strategy game today, 10th November 2020. Due to complications (loss of investor because of the pandemic), Pipedream is releasing their game in an early access and aims to find customers for financial support of The Mystic’s final debugging.

The Mystic is a dark fantasy, turn-based strategy game. The game enables its players to become a follower of the first people’s gods, gain their favour, overthrow the High King by the means of innovative combat, magic systems and establish harmony. The game offers an exciting campaign full of twists, battles and difficult decisions and also a multiplayer.

Build an Empire by powerful magic system to terraform map to your liking, destroy your enemies by harmful magic spells, summon new and powerful demon units to help your cause. But beware, everything has its cost. By casting spells, you will slowly turn the game world into a barren magic wasteland.
Build cities and farms to increase your treasury. Make use of newly terraformed valleys to increase your economy. Build up size of your cities to make more citizens. Turn them into powerful armies.

Game includes adaptive soundtrack by Benedict Nichols.

Mystic Trailer

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