Lost Wing

Developed by BoxFrog Games and published by 2Awesome Studio, Lost Wing got released on the 28th of July this year on PlayStation 4. It is a futuristic action combat racing game, where you destroy objects on your way. You pilot a super fast ship through brutal environments featuring numerous challenges and traps.

Lost Wing was initially planned to launch on 2019, but its development period was extended thanks to feedback from the community on the closed beta it was decided to add more tracks, more modes, more ships, more speed. You race with one of three ships on tracks that are pre-made but procedurally filled with obstacles, so every round you play will be a bit different. There will be plenty of rounds, even though Lost Wing has no story mode or anything similar, since you will be trying to best your score on and on and on… and on.

You will start your short but sufficient tutorial with a green HWK II ship. It will teach you all you need to know, before it will let go of your hand and send you on leaderboards crushing bonanza. You will be “forced” to start on easy difficulty, but there are three more difficulties that get unlocked as you progress through levels. Medium difficulty adds +5% of your XP, hard adds 10%, and hardcore +15%. You have three lives available in all difficulties, except on hardcore, where there is one life only. By reaching higher levels, you will also unlock two more ships and skins for each of them, which will colour your ship differently. You will also unlock the three different worlds you will be able to choose from, or as Lost Wing calls them, campaigns – Industrial, Forest, and Canyon. On each of the tracks you zoom through the environment and reach checkpoints, from where you continue if you lose a life. When you beat the stage, a final boss awaits you. Every world also has more tracks or challenges that, again, unlock when you reach a specific level. On top of the three worlds, there is also a challenge called Boss Run, where an endless onslaught of Lost Wing’s bosses awaits you.

The gameplay is pretty much straight forward – you pilot a self-accelerating ship by moving left and right, and avoid barriers by jumping. You can additionally accelerate which builds up your Charge that is used when slowing down time or firing bullets to destroy objects on your way. Last but not least, you can also detonate smartbombs that you gather on tracks as pickups – they destroy more objects in front of you at once. Speaking of pickups, besides smartbombs there are 1K, 2K, 4K and 8K points you can… well, pick up, charge orbs that do the same as accelerating, a drone that fires less powerful bullets, pickups that grow or shrink your ship and one that flips the camera and inverts the controls. Lastly, there is a recover wings pickup, that recovers the wings of your ship when you lose them by hitting objects – you lose one wing for each hit, but you can also instantly crash your ship.

Lost Wing’s graphics look extremely nice, and the game is also featuring an original electronic soundtrack, which fits perfectly with the game’s design. The game does not lack in challenge and will be suitable for all kinds of players, from rookies that will have to get good at it, to the ones who like more difficult games, after you pump up the difficulty. It is a worthwhile purchase, since the game costs less than 10 EUR. Get it and play until you master it!