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Foxy Adventures Await in Cutesy Retro-platformer & Dungeon Crawler Konsairi Featuring Ruth on a Mission to Find Her Nest

Indie game developer bitchunk is proud to announce the official release for KONSAIRI, an adorable pixelated retro-adventure and dungeon crawler featuring smart and witty Ruth, a fox cub on a mission to find her nest while helping fellow inhabitants recover from a deadly disease that have spread across the lands. Handcrafted and designed using the PICO-8 virtual machine and game engine, KONSAIRI offers a blast from the past on modern gaming gear and is available via STEAM™.

KONSAIRI – Official Trailer

KONSAIRI is a huge adventure game two years in the making, inspired by classics such as Goonies 2 on the NES® and Metroidvania®. You play as Ruth in a vast world with 15 areas and 7 dungeons to explore, trying to find your way home. To achieve this, you must outwit a lot of virus monsters, become a master of roots, and avoid getting stuck or trapped as you wake up – and help – inhabitants you meet across your journey.

To aid you on your quest, you must collect and utilize a large group of root vegetables that you come across marked by glowing parts on the map. Once you discover a root you can yank it from the ground, add it to your inventory and cook up some cool skills. Be sure to replenish your own energy by eating plenty of veggies or throw them against viruses blocking your path. Waking up sleeping inhabitants opens up new areas in addition to restoring critical energy.

You can sow seeds and emit skills using items that you collect; BEETs, for example, wakes up NPCs or increases vitality. GARLIC gives you short-term invincibility, POTATOs allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, while PARSNIP makes you move faster and even has the benefit of controlling the direction of the wind.
KONSAIRI is more than a platform game, it is also a deep dungeon crawler. You enter the dungeons about halfway through the game and you will need to discover clues and arrange the order of the bells in a certain way from the inhabitants to discover an exit from each area. Timing is a factor and parts of the map must be unhidden as you play. The dungeon crawler section of the game takes a significant time to complete and is very fun and challenging.
KONSAIRI is a clever puzzle adventure and dungeon crawler that is suitable to retro-fans and players of all ages and experience levels. Your key to success is to learn the maps, master the veggies and help NPCs out of their dormant state. In return, they will help you progress!

  • Retro-Adventuring.
  • Plenty of Veggies.
  • Cute & Cuddly Characters.
  • 15 Areas to Explore.
  • 7 Dungeons to Traverse.

KONSAIRI is available via STEAM™ from here:

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