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BFF or Die Gets Cozy on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

2Awesome Studio is proud to announce that BFF or Die is snuggling up on consoles in November, 2020. The crazy and cozy cooperative puzzle game that’s amassed over 23k downloads between popular game hosting sites Steam, Itch, and Game Jolt is launching on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch™ for $7.99!

BFF or Die
is a co-op puzzle game that challenges up to 4 local players to use their cunning wit and camaraderie to survive as time-traveling space aliens. Never forget the academy motto: “BFF or Die!”

BFF Or Die Launch Dates

– PlayStation®4 – Launch: November, 24th
– Xbox One – Pre-order: November 18th with 15% discount  | Launch: November 25th
– Nintendo Switch™: Pre-order: November, 20th with 15% discount  | Launch: November, 27th

BFF or Die is developed by ASA Studio, and is partnering with 2Awesome Studio as part of the 2Awesome Partners Initiative.

Previously, BFF or Die was featured in 2016’s Indie Showcase at Develop Conference and Intel’s Level-Up Competition at PAX West. In 2017, ASA Studio was one team awarded of hundreds of applicants to secure £25k from the UK Games Fund, and, in 2018, pitched BFF or Die to an industry panel, placing in top three games at the event, and receiving marketing support across the Steel Media Network.  

“We’ve been developing BFF or Die for a long time. That dream marked the beginning of a road that led us… here! In collaboration with our new publishing friends over at 2Awesome Studio, BFF or Die is now available for you to play on console,” says Shaz from ASA Studio.

BFF or Die | Game Trailer Reveal | 2 Awesome Studio Partner | New Co-Op Indie Games

BFF or Die Features:

  • In co-operative gameplay, help each other or… you die.
  • Story mode with 30 dynamic levels.
  • Unlockable “Infinite Trials” game mode featuring challenging randomized levels.
  • Artifact challenges – collect them all.
  • The more players, the crazier the gameplay.
  • Intense boss battles with challenging patterns and epic scale.
  • Levels adapt to the number of players.
  • Multiple characters – each with a distinctive personality.

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