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Simpocalypse – Early Access Announcement

Gamex Studio, an independent game development studio from Slovenia announced that they will be going into Early Access on Steam with Simpocalypse in December 2020.

Why Early Access?

They decided to go into the Early Access first, as Simpocalypse has a lot of depth with different mechanics where balancing is crucial to deliver a great gaming experience. With Early Access, they want to ensure they have enough time to work with their players to properly balance and adjust features, as well as ensure a great player onboarding, so new players are not overwhelmed by the depth, but rather eased into the game’s replayable simulation experience! The Early Access will also give them the option to expand the game features and make sure they are built off a great foundation.

Even though Simpocalypse already has more than 100 hours of potential playtime, Gamex Studio doesn’t stop developing the game further. They plan to add tons of various Achievements, different game modes, improve replayability, extend late-game content, add more automation and quality of life features, as well as translate the game into as many languages as possible.

Early Access as one of the reasons to connect more with players
The developers said: ”We take community feedback to heart. It is the best way to make the best game possible! The most important feedback to us is regarding game balance and onboarding as the game has a ton of depth and various ways to play. But, we also have plans to expand the game where fresh ideas from the community are gold to us.”

About Simpocalypse
Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game, where players manage and lead their settlement to become a global empire!

A player is thrown in the world after a nuclear war has torn the world apart, where everyone needs to act fast to survive. There are no technical advancements left, only basic resources are scattered across the wasteland and even those are limited around the shelters…Those limitations put the player in a constant need to expand to neighboring territories where the player could find extra resources to keep their civilization alive. But, wait – those territories are controlled by other post-apocalyptic civilizations, who just like you, are trying to ensure their survival. And they won’t let you take over their resources without a battle, a battle for domination over the territory.

The game aims to become the player’s first pick in terms of simulation games with a post-apocalyptic ambiance, especially for those who love to dive deep into the managerial, strategy, tycoon, and optimization features.

*Simpocalypse is set to be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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