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Darkest Valley Comes to Steam Early Access Spring 2021

Sudo Games is thrilled to announce their 2.5D Action RPG Darkest Valley will arrive on Steam Early Access Spring 2021.  Darkest Valley is a fast-paced RPG adventure where you slay monsters, loot, and learn new skills on your adventure through a dark fantasy world. 

Darkest Valley is an homage to the many great 2D action RPGs from the last twenty years. The original soundtrack, the visual style, and the story is a meld of our favorite elements from the classic and unforgettable titles in this genre. Relive those experiences in this modern indie creation.

There is no grind-based experience system in Darkest Valley. Increase your level and grow your strength by seeking out and finding otherworldly crystals shards that bestow great power upon those who wield them. Choose to be an agile melee fighter, a point and click ranged tank, or a strategic summoner. Each class has 3 tabs of skills, and many different ways to play each.


  • Pseudo-randomly generated areas, a different play experience every game.
  • Engaging and funny four act story.
  • Three distinct skill classes, each with its own offensive, defense, and utility skill trees.
  • A world filled with loot and destructible objects to search through and collect.
  • Hidden challenge bosses.
  • Hours of main and side quests, spanning an epic journey.

Darkest Valley will be available on Windows PC on Steam Early Access for $14.99.

Darkest Valley Trailer

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