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Dyson Sphere Program Celebrates 50% Funding Goal With New Gameplay Trailer and Stretch Goals

Greetings, engineers! Youthcat Games, is happy to announce that the sci-fi simulation and management game Dyson Sphere Program has reached 50% of its funding goal on Kickstarter, with still a month of the campaign ahead. To celebrate this achievement, the studio has released a new gameplay trailer showing new footage of the game.

Besides this new gameplay trailer, Youthcat Studio is also pleased to reveal the first stretch goals. Upon reaching $12,000, the studio will implement the Community Galaxy – a way for your universe to show other players’ progress, as well as for you to appear in some way in other players’ playthroughs. The Community Galaxy would be a visible galaxy in your universe where each star represents a player who is playing the Dyson Sphere Program. The more developed their factories are, the more bright their stars will be. It’s a nice touch to give a player’s universe some connection with others’, offer a sense of progress, and give you a pulse of how far you are lagging behind (or souring ahead!) compared with other players.

On top of that, the campaign just hinted at a new reward tier being announced soon, and updated the existing ones with new perks — you can check all the details in this Update. 


Dyson Sphere Program is a sci-fi simulator with space exploration and factory automation elements where you can build your own galactic industrial empire from scratch. In the distant future, the power of science and technology has ushered a new age to the human race. Space and time have become irrelevant thanks to virtual reality. A new kind of supercomputer has been developed – a machine which superior AI and computing capability will push humanity even further. There is only one problem: there isn’t enough energy in the whole planet to feed this machine!

You are a space engineer in charge of a project launched by the space alliance COSMO, tasked with a massive undertaking: constructing Dyson Spheres (a megastructure that would orbit around a star, harnessing all its power and energy) to produce the energy that humanity needs. Only a few decades ago, Dyson Spheres were considered a hypothetical, impossible invention – but now it’s in your hands… Will you be able to turn a backwater space workshop into a galaxy-wide industrial production empire?


  • Create a galactic industrial empire from scratch: start with a small workshop and improve it until it spans the whole galaxy.
  • Develop your very own Dyson Spheres, a megastructure that orbit around stars harnessing all its power and energy, from the first screw to its completion.
  • Explore a vast universe procedurally generated with all kinds of celestial bodies: neutron stars, white dwarfs, red giants… 
  • Build mechas to fly, sail or jump through outer space and alien planets.
  • Transport materials across the galaxy to your facilities: thousands of transport ships will flow endlessly to your factories and back!
  • Design the most efficient automated factory and production line.
  • Customize your factory and Dyson Sphere to make it unique.
  • Design a balanced power network, capable of producing energy in all kinds of power plants like wind turbines, artificial stars…
Dyson Sphere Program – Gameplay Trailer Sec 2.

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