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The Indie Puzzle Adventure Game Unreal Life Gets an English Release on Steam and Nintendo Switch

Unreal Life, the puzzle adventure game created by the indie developer hako life and published by room6 Inc. (HQ:  Kyoto, Japan CEO: Masashi Kimura), has been released on the North American Nintendo Game Store for Switch and worldwide on Steam.

Unreal Life, single-handedly developed by hako life, is a puzzle adventure game starring a girl traveling through a mysterious town to recover her lost memories and a talking traffic light who helps her along the way.

Since its Japanese release in May 2020 on the Nintendo Switch, the game has gained incredible popularity, to the point that there has hardly been a day when it was not being streamed since its release. Players all over the world can finally enjoy Unreal Life too on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

The story

Hal, the protagonist, wakes up without any memories. A talking, AI-equipped traffic light, “195”, offers to help her. The two travel together to find out about the girl’s past. Despite having no memories of her own, she can, for reasons which she does not understand, read the memories of the objects she touches. To be precise, she remembers one thing, or rather one name: that of her teacher. She looks for this teacher, and the clues lead her to an apartment door. And beyond the door, was another town. A town that she didn’t remember.

About Unreal Life
Reading memories

The player can read the memories of certain objects by touching them, and compare those memories with how the surrounding area looks in the present. This will allow them to solve puzzles and find hints and information. New beautiful views, items, and progression along Hal’s quest make for an extremely rewarding experience. But remember—a gorgeous world can hide hideous secrets.

The gameplay

Neither the action parts nor the exploration parts lead to game overs, allowing any player to progress through the story. Brillant players will be able to smoothly jump from one puzzle to the next, while players who have trouble solving them will be gradually provided hints by the game. Anybody can play Unreal Life.

The visuals

The beautiful pixel art is accompanied by a variety of unexpected visual effects, creating a unique atmospheric landscape. Shaders and particle effects contribute to the seamless recreation of light, water, and much more against the background of the painstakingly hand-drawn pixel art.

Steam version

The Steam version includes some extras when compared to the Nintendo Switch version.

・64 unlockable achievements.

・The original soundtrack sold as a DLC.

・A value bundle including both the game and the soundtrack.

Unreal Life – Official Trailer (short version)

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