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New Survival MMO Tree of Life: Oddria! – Second Alpha Test Begins Soon

OddOneGames’ new work “Tree of Life: Oddria” has announced that it will hold its “second alpha test” on November 30th. ‘Oddria!’ was initially developed as a combat action genre, and after receiving feedback from players, it recently changed its genre to a survival MMO. There were twists and turns, but action was added to the survival game. Therefore, the company explained that it was possible to implement even precise battles that cannot be found in survival games.

OddOneGames has been developing Oddria for one year, collecting user opinions, and undergoing a major genre change. Accordingly, the game name has also been changed from ‘Oddria’ to ‘Tree of Life: Oddria’. Afterwards, the concept was confirmed in the first alpha test last October. In this second alpha test, you can meet various life contents of ‘Oddria’ and even new areas.

In order to play this alpha version, users must have a Steam account, and the game can be played for 12 hours from 6:00 pm Nov 29 to 6:00 am Nov 30 (PST) through the Steam platform.

OddOneGames said, “This second alpha test will be a good opportunity to inform users of ‘Oddria!’ before the official release. In addition, since we are developing this work with the opinions of players as our top priority, we would like to hear various opinions from players through this test.”

OddOneGames’ previous work, “Tree of Life,” started with Early Access in 2014 and officially launched in 2016, and has been serviced for four years since, and the development was announced to be discontinued in 2019. After that, OddOneGames is developing with the goal of releasing ‘Oddria!’ through Steam in 2020.

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