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Painterly 2D Platformer With a Unique Rotation Mechanic Is Now Out for Steam (PC)

Painterly 2D Platformer with a unique rotation mechanic is now out for Steam (PC).
About the Game
Drawing inspiration from the action of classic Sonic the Hedgehog games, with compact level design inspired by Super Mario Bros. 3 Soarocity has been a labor of love in the making for over 5 years.  Soarocity features over 200 levels designed with the philosophy that each level is a unique character.  An explorable map that holds many secrets and branching paths allows for players to discover levels that suit their skill level.  Soarocity is available at a price of $14.99, with a launch week discount of 33%.
The people of a distant planet have come under attack by the very robots that they use to carry out their tasks.  They send a distress signal that is received by Lord Padraic.  Using his ship you travel to this distant planet to save the people.  While no signs of life are found, you do find a vehicle, the Deluxe Adventure Vehicle Extraordinaire (D.A.V.E.).  Lord Padraic hacks into the vehicle and lets you control it so that you may save the people of this far away planet.  Take control of the D.A.V.E. to save the people!
Visit to download a demo.

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