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The PC Version of Pecaminosa Debuts on Steam

After the recent communication about the arrival of Pecaminosa to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC during the first quarter of 2021, the noir pixel-art, Action-RPG from Cereal Games has just premiered its own page on the Steam platform.

Visit Pecaminosa Steam page and discover new details about the look, mechanics and gameplay of the unique title created by Cereal Games:

Pecaminosa on Steam

John Souza, a former cop and newly-appointed local drunk, has an unexpected visitor from the past.
The ghost of Charlie “Two Angels”, a fallen mob boss, appears before Souza with a proposition: help him capture his former associates, so he can redeem himself, and be allowed unto Heaven.

Hell, that sounds easy, right?… Maybe too easy…

Will Souza set his bottle aside and take up the mantle of justice again? Or will he be just as damned as Charlie?

The player will be able to freely explore a typical city of the 1940’s with a stunning level of detail, which is particularly noticeable in the interior of the buildings, decorated with touches of vintage jazz inspired by film noir classics.

Along with being able to explore different playstyles with the LIFE System, everyone that gets to play Pecaminosa will also be able to customize the main protagonist with a significant variety of weapons and apparel, as well as enter casinos and play gambling mini-games.

Pecaminosa leans on the perspective, mechanics, and objectives from classics like The Legend of Zelda and adds the tension, drama and ambience of the film noir genre, like Citizen Kane and Touch of Evil.

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