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Rage War Against the Machines in Post-apocalyptic Bikini Alert Offering an Action-packed Run & Gun Shooter on Steam

Indie game developer Mythic Chest is proud to announce the worldwide STEAM™ release of Bikini Alert, an action-packed arcade run and gun shooter challenging you to rescue the Supply Collector Team from the clutches of evil robots on a path to destroy the post-apocalyptic civilization as you know it. 

BIKINI ALERT – Steam Promotional Trailer

Bikini Alert is a futuristic arcade game in which you play as an underground rebellion in a war against the machines causing destruction and annihilation of future society. It is your task to lead the fight to preserve what is rightfully yours by rescuing a kidnapped Supply Collector Team. At the beginning of the war, the Supply Collector Teams was ordered to return to base. All returned, except Amber and her important crews. To aid their rescue, you have at your disposal a unique weapon; the “Leviathan” is a vehicle, a car-like machine capable of transforming itself into a heavily armed robot that is essential to your success. As you play, you may discover some hidden truths about the past and uncover the facts about how the war began, and why. Starting from your underground fortress, you must battle and prevail against seemingly endless waves of incoming enemies’ intent on destroying you and your allies.  

Bikini Alert refers to an official UK Ministry of Defense alert in the 1970s to warn against non-specific forms of threat, including civil disorder terrorism or war. The name was randomly chosen by a computer and was commonly compared to the American DEFCON alerts. Bikini Alert is the first in series of four planned episodic games in which you learn more about each key character within the game and the history of events that eventually led to the war against the machines.  

A recent update to the game has added a Combat Tutorial and support for Spanish, Simple Chinese and Japanese interface and subtitles, in addition to a God Mode (Immortal Mode) suitable for memorizing enemy attack patterns. New skills have been added as well. 


  • Post-Apocalyptic Arcade Action.
  • Bullet Hell!
  • Epic Boss & Mini-Boss Battles.
  • Play Any Mission At Will.
  • Leviathan Skins.
  • Collectibles.

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