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Road Making Tower Defense ReRoad Is Now Released on Steam

Rabbithole Games presented a unique style of Tower Defense called ‘ReRoad’ in Early Access on Steam.
ReRoad is a fusion of the Rogue Lite, Tower-Defense with Road Making.

Most Tower Defense games place towers on a set road, but in ‘ReRoad’ starts by randomly placing towers on top of a set road, digging in a car, and creating a path for enemies to flock to.

Because the range and operation of the towers are different, the roads should be made by considering them and the durability is also set, so the roads should be carefully designed.
After completing the road, the main character “Dane” can be manipulated directly to build towers, repair broken towers, fly with drones, and use skills to assist towers.
While the existing Tower Defense genre’s games are perceived to be passive, ‘ReRoad’ requires players to play fast and active.
They didn’t even make upgrading tower simple. Over 100+ and special effects can be given to the tower, which can help it grow into its own unique tower.

Game Feature :

  • Road Making : Players can make their own paths by digging the ground.
  • Dynamic GamePlay : You can enjoy dynamic play, such as building, repairing, and assisting the Skil Tower by walking around on your own-made road.
  • 2 Drones : Players can choose drones before entering the stage. Players can choose drones before entering the stage. Depending on the drone selected, the types of skills and towers available will vary.
  • 8 Towers : Each tower has a different range and operation. To succeed in the operation, one must understand the characteristics of each tower well.
  • 8 Parts : Each tower has a dedicated part that can be mounted, and the part has its own unique effect. 
  • 100+ Upgrade Effect : Players can upgrade the parts, and there are various & special upgrade effects for each part. Through this, you can grow into your own unique tower.
  • 30+ Invention : There are a variety of inventions that have permanent and powerful effects within one operation.
  • Languages: English, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Portugusee-Brasil, Spanish-Spain

‘ReRoad’ was released as Steam’s Early Access on November 18, 2020 and consists of three stages. More details can be found on the Steam Store page (

ReRoad EarlyAccess Trailer

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