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Supernatural (TV Series) Meets Crusader Kings 3 – Trailer Launched Today

The first trailer for Domains of Dusk, from developer Critique Gaming, has been released along with its Steam page. Domains of Dusk mixes features of turn-based strategy, grand strategy and role-playing in an urban gothic setting.

In the ambitious attempt to create a game with rich replayability and accessible multiplayer, Critique Gaming is also trying to keep playthrough length to a single evening so as to bring together fans of the thematic genre with fans of the gameplay genre. Looking to offer veterans deep gameplay and broad accessibility to newcomers, Domains of Dusk promises dark stories that feel new every playthrough, playable entirely as a roleplaying game for those who wish to approach it from that vantage.

The new trailer outlines demons, werewolves, vampires, mages, fae and hunters battling it out for control of the city. The player is charged with making administrative, strategic and roleplay decisions throughout as they lead and customize one of these supernatural factions through their leader character. Policies and diplomacy are employed while missions are issued, all while trying to keep key agents loyal. Carrying metaphors for contemporary issues, Domains of Dusk asks hard ethical questions while giving players the most corrupting reagent: power.

You can wishlist Domains of Dusk now on Steam:

Domains of Dusk Teaser Trailer

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