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Illegal Street Drag Racing Game Is Coming Soon to Steam

Publisher T-Bull announced today that one of their new upcoming games will be soon released. You can add it to your Steam wishlist today!

Outlaw Driver Simulator (1st out of 5 upcoming simulators to PC) will allow you to pump up your ride, and upgrade the parts as you advance to higher levels. You will take part in illegal underground races and compete with local gangs. And, in order to gain their respect – you will have to be extremely fast! You will also have to avoid cops and try not to get caught! 

The simulator will show the process of customizing vehicles in a realistic way, and the driving system will give the game emotions. Outlaw Driver Simulator is the first of five announced simulators being developed in collaboration with the company’s new investor. We can expect more announcements soon, so it is worth it to sit comfortably in the chair and fasten your seat belts.

Get the general idea of how it is going to look like by watching the game’s trailer: 

Outlaw Driver Simulator – Official Announcement Trailer || T-Bull


  • An open world with different urban locations.
  • Realistic and extensive system for customization, improvement and personalization of vehicles.
  • The underground climate of the game.
  • Advanced physics system realistically recreates the feeling of real car driving.
  • Compatible with standard steering wheels and controllers.

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